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The powerful MultiCarb+ has five stages built into a single filter to protect your families health and provide clean healthy drinking water straight from your tap.

Multicarb Filter+ System

STAGE 1 - CERAMIC Ceramic filtration (1 micron) eliminates bacteria and suspended solids
STAGE 2 - ACTIVE CARBON High quality carbon with special silver impregnation removes chlorine and dissolved organic pollutants such as agro chemicals, solvents, THM's, TCE's, PCB's etc.
STAGE 3 - ION EXCHANGE Ion exchange system specific to heavy metals removes lead, copper, mercury, cadnium, iron etc.
STAGE 4 - CARBON BLOCK The carbon block ultra efficient stage removes any remaing traces of chlorine, dissolved organic matter and particulates finally polishing the water.
STAGE 5 - ANTI CALC Removes the limescale from the water.

Our Price €99 fitted, including IVA

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