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For many years we used a different supplier, after he raised his prices we decided to give The Water Filter Co a try. Not only did we save money but the filter supplied was much better than our previous one. We no longer have to descale our kettle and the water tastes much better.

Pauline, Quesada

The best thing we ever did!

Colin, Playa Flamenca

We were tired of carrying bottled water and decided to get a water filter fitted. We spoke to a couple of suppliers and decided to go with The water Filter Co. Great service and great tasting water.

Angela, Quesada

Our normal supplier retired and we were worried we would be left without filters. We called Peter at The Water Filter Co. and he came updated our filters without any extra charges. Fantastic service.

Ron, Cabot Roig

For ten years we drank the water straight from the tap but after reading up on the dangers of drinking chlorinated water we decided to get a filter fitted. You will not believe the difference it makes to the taste. Our tea and coffee taste much better now. We wish we had done it years ago.

Sue, San Miguel

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